Why Choose Us

Care Just Like Home

Your child receives the same TLC they get from you with family-owned loving care.

Magical Outdoor Play

Your child strengthens their body and gets active in a lush and spacious outdoor yard.

Decades Of Experience

8 decades of combined experience from degreed teachers ready your child for school.

Convenient Parent App

Be part of their journey with the Brightwheel™ app and see every milestone of their day.

Adventurous Enrichments

Your little one taps into their creative side with music, arts, crafts, singing, and dance.

Food Always Included

Your child enjoys healthy, home-cooked meals made to their needs at no extra cost.

How Old Is Your Child?

Infants & Toddlers

16 weeks - 2 Years

Early preschool

2 -3 years


3-4 years


4-5 years

Summer Camp

2-5 Years